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looking for people to trade pokemon with 

especially if you have PoShe or LG pika

NSO: SW-3134-2812-5914
pkmn go: 8805 0513 5037

:blobfoxdrakedislike: nnn
:blobfoxdrakelike: just jump january
:blobfoxdrakelike: fuck foxy february :blobfox3c:
:blobfoxdrakelike: only online october

i put my thigh highs on... one leg at a time.

FINAL‌REMINDER looks like it will be shutting down this weekend.

Ensure you take an archive export and save any data you care about.

:blobcatheart: :blobcatheart: :blobcatheart: :blobcatheart: :blobcatheart: :blobcatheart:


am i cool?
do i do good work?

that bestiality game

cat paradise...
or was it neko vacation...

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i should play the bestiality game

i've set my laptop background to a pokemon sword/sheld type chart because i never remember...

do you hate me like :papush: hates me?

yay youtube-dl playlists appear to be fixed

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what comes first? is catching up slowly

down to 48.8K jobs

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Friendly people are welcome.