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looking for people to trade pokemon with 

especially if you have PoShe or LG pika

NSO: SW-3134-2812-5914
pkmn go: 8805 0513 5037

food, tea 

baking my own croissants and drinking a chamomile tea


today's drink is a 'by the horns' doozie, a 4.2% 'session ipa'


tonight's brew is a brewgooder "one on us" 'grapefruit session ale'

🍺 😋

i should use my nso subscription more, although what nintendo offers really sucks...

just kiss it 

i am it

just kiss me :blobcatkissheart:

if it's not iso 8601, it's not a date.

it's just 'hanging out'

lewd adj 

can i pet your pussy?

why do minecraft mods take so long to load >.<

i lose interest in playing once it completes...

🎵yo @isi
you're so fine
you're so fine
you blow my mind
yo @isi 🎶

now that i have all my books on my ereader, i dunno what to read

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today's tipple is a Williams Bros birds & bees golden summer ale

a 'fruity, aromatic and deliciously refreshing' malt

cuteon doesn't talk to me anymore :espeon:
just faves my posts :sylveon:

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Friendly people are welcome.