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looking for people to trade pokemon with 

especially if you have PoShe or LG pika

NSO: SW-3134-2812-5914
pkmn go: 8805 0513 5037

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a gentoo distribution that is completely localised in latin but because im british i drunk all the tea 


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i went to look for my amiga but it's not where i left it...

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if @amic was in the state of georgia, would she be an amiga?

uh oh plex is getting removed from gentoo

i should find/make an alternative...

the temperature dropped 20°C in like 3 days :blobcatcomfaww:

fridey :gentoo: updates

got a xen minor version bump (4.12->4.13) so i gotta be careful on the hyps

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Friendly people are welcome.